In the beginning …

So here it is, my first ever blog about fishing. In fact my first ever blog about anything.

Where did it all start? Of course I fished as a kid, sure we all did. I remember spending many a warm summer day in gentle waters of the Rea Brook in leafy Shropshire with a float rod and a couple slices of bread for bait. I even caught one once which was surprising as we mixed our fishing time with swimming and skimming stones. But it wasn’t until thirty years later in the summer of 2014 that I had urge to grab a fly rod, catch a trout … then kill it and eat it, oh yes btw if you’re a fan of PETA then this won’t be a blog for you sorry. It was that Robson Green and his Extreme Fishing TV show that did it. Watching him fly fishing in New Zealand pulling fish out fish after fish from a small stream on a sunny day … well nostalgia kicked in. “That looks like a very nice way to spend an afternoon” I said to myself, and following gaining approval from my partner (accompanied with her rolling her eyes in the traditional ‘whatever next?’ manner) I set about getting tooled up.

I started out by booking myself a introductory day at a local trout fishery and bought myself a basic Airflow beginners kit (consisting of a 9ft 6/7wt rod, reel with line, a few flies, and sunglasses). Lesson went well but no wish were caught, and I soon realised that I would quickly out grow the tackle I’d bought. I guess its normal for fishermen to blame their tackle … right?

Regardless I was hooked! I knew that this was something I wanted to keep doing, and something I wanted to get good at. I wanted to catch fish, learn to prepare and cook them, and if I wasn’t going to eat them learn how to let them go properly.

And now to this blog. What will it be for? Well really it will be for me to record my time on the water to act as a diary to look back on. If you want to read along too and have a good nosey about then that’s fine with me. Of course you’ll find better fly fishing blogs on the ‘net as I’m pretty sure some people have been doing this for more than six months, but forget them … as you and me … we’re the best ones.

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