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I started with a basic Airflow 9ft 6/7wt beginners kit. I bought it for £40 from a camping shop with the idea in mind that it would be cheap enough to use once and forget if I didn’t like fly fishing, or if I decided fly fishing was for me, it would be good enough to keep as a spare while I went shopping for the next big thing in fly fishing. Well for me it was the latter.

So I moved on to a Wychwood Trueflu SLA 10ft 7wt with matching reel for use on my local still water fishery banks. This was quickly followed with the 8ft 4wt version with a 2nd hand SKB reel for use on the local canal and small streams. Roll on six months and I’ve got my casting up to a reasonable standard, however I’ve decided that the 10ft 7wt is just a bit too much for me for bank fishing. I was lucky enough to borrow some rods of various length and weights to try out to find my ‘one rod to rule them all’ so when my 40th birthday rolled around in 2015 I pulled the family’s generous birthday monies together and went shopping.

And here we are with my probably last rod purchase. The stars aligned with my bank account and shop offers to land me with the bargain of a lifetime. A 9ft 5wt Hardy Zenith Sintix rod with a loaded matching ‘stealth’ DD5000 reel thrown in for free. Do I do a rod of this quality justice? Nope, absolutely not. But will it be a rod that will stay with me for my entire fishing journey? Yes I think so. So in that respect it was a bargain, better to buy one rod for a lot of money, than to buy lots of rods for lots more money. Though that said I do fancy a short 6’6 rod in a 3/4wt for smaller streams.


Gallery: The Rods …

The Rods so far. In order of use & love: Hardy 5wt, Wychwood, 4wt, Wychwood 7wt, Airflow 6/7wt.

The Rods so far, in order of use & love: Hardy 5wt, Wychwood 4wt, Wychwood 7wt, Airflow 6/7wt.

Gallery: The Reels …

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