Catching them in the wrong places

Well time for fly fishing has been in short supply from the end of March and will probably stay so until mid-April. There’s been Rugby matches for the Son, Ballet performances for the Daughter, visiting family for the Mrs, and ‘important’ gardening jobs for me. Such is life.

I did however manage to secure myself a four hour spot at my local still water fishery to try get some Me Time. I was feeling confident, the water looked good, the sky was clear, and the weather was warming up. The only thing missing was the fish. What is it about Trout and Fly Fishing that sometimes seem to make the two things completely incompatible? I was struggling, the guy down the bank from me was struggling too, and so was his mate, and his dog. Where were the fish?

Were they jumping? Nope.

Where they cruising the margins? Nope

Down deep? Nope

Up shallow? Nope

Well I say ‘Nope’ obviously what I mean is ‘well I haven’t found any yet’. So after two and half hours of changing location, retrieves, depths, and countless flies I finally hooked into one, my first bite of the day. Whoa Momma this was fish was not happy with me! He went off like a rocket out and around the outcrop of bank I was fishing from. “Not the reeds, not the reeds!” I said to myself as the line was rapidly unwinding from my reel, get him on his side, bank right bank right! I’m not sure who I was talking to but the fish responded by coming back towards me while I was working hard to get the line wound back onto the reel and to keep some tension. Here I caught my first glimpse of him, he was easily the biggest Rainbow I’ve had on. Off he went again out to the deeper water, I held steady and managed to get him close the net. Oh no, not yet he thought and off he went again. Twice more in and twice more out before I got him in. Here I could see perhaps why he was such a good fighter, the Bibio fly I was using wasn’t in his mouth but was actually clean through the base of his Pectoral Fin, as I’ve described it to a friend ‘I hooked him in the arm-pit’ and Wow he was not happy about it. What a fight! A quick coffee to toast him and I was back in business (with my now new favourite Bibio fly). No other catches, pulls, or bumps were taken, but that’s OK as this was my most memorable fish to date.

An ANGRY Rainbow. I'll call him a 5 pounder.

An ANGRY Rainbow. I’ll call him a 5 pounder.

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