Needed a wading staff so made a wading staff

I’ve waded in river and stream fishing about five times now and I’ve nearly taken a muddy bath on every trip, so I’ve decided its time to get a wading staff.

I went to my local fishing tackle shop to get one but when I asked them for a wading staff … stick … pole … they just looked at me like I’d been let out on day release or something. I must admit my hopes weren’t high to begin with though as this shop is heavily geared towards the maggot drowners and their wheelbarrows full of, well whatever all that stuff is they take. So I went on-line, ah now it gets interesting; collapsible staffs vs. solid vs. telescopic hiking/walking poles. After reading a few threads on forums about telescopic poles and collapsible staffs failing when you needed them the most I decided that I’d go the solid one piece wooden staff route. I’m not sure what I was expecting to pay but I knew that the going rate of £50 – £100 was more than I wanted to spend, so I went deep in the fires of Mt. Doom (the shed) to forge a DIY wading staff. The one staff to rule them all.

The ingredients were as follows:

1. Fighting staff left over from my martial arts days
1. Length of para-cord (about 1.5m)
1. Old bicycle tyre inner tube
1. Old dog lead
1. Top from a posh whiskey bottle
1. Piece of scrap sheet lead from eBay (£2)

plus a sprinkling of handsaw, a splash of drill, and just a pinch of solder … and hey presto: a wading staff.

OK so it won’t win any beauty contests but it hopefully will stop me taking a unplanned wash in the river.

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